Sun Vanndy

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Every day, when I go to work, I meet the main object of my first series: children on the crossroads of Phnom Penh, selling Jasmine flowers for a few Riels (Khmer Currency) to car drivers. "These children should be at school, but they don't have the choice and their families need the money". When night falls, I hang out around them in the middle of the traffic, trying to invisible, although the kinds and passengers are very curious. Only using the natural light from cars, motors and publicity boards, and captures in a vivid way the reality of these children, no older than 15, who learned how to live their lives according to the rhythm of the traffic: "They sell when the light turns red. When it turns green, they have a rest and count their money of the day, sometimes they play..." Without education, in the future, they will work harder and their live may not different from such a wilted flower.